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Israel Electives


Take your summer in Israel to the next level with one (or more!) of our 4-day elective adventures. Pick-up a new skill, learn about Israeli society on a deeper level, or try something outside of your comfort zone. 



Our 4-day electives are a perfect complement to your summer travels, and with so many options to choose from, your bound to find an elective that speaks to you!


Sea-to-Sea Hike

Hike across Israel, from the Mediterranean Sea in the west to the Sea of Galilee in the east. Scale rugged mountains, camp out under the stars, and learn how to thrive in the wilderness as our ancestors did! Along the route, you’ll gain a new appreciation for Israel’s terrain, you’ll visit diverse villages, and you’ll gain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment to cherish for a lifetime.

  • PRO TIP!  All camping equipment is provided, and our trek is vehicle-supported, which means less to schlep on your back

Volunteering & Service Learning

Give of yourself in Israel, knowing that you not only toured the Land but also gave something back. Based in the Galilee, our volunteer projects vary and typically include working with immigrant youth, minority communities, environmental restoration, and infrastructure improvement. Together we'll learn, volunteer, and reflect on the journey as we connect with Israeli society on a much more personal level.

  • PRO TIP!  Get a taste for Israeli campus life – this elective is based at the Oranim College campus and dorms in the Carmel Mountains.
  • PARTNER:  Oranim College of Education
IDF's Gadna

The IDF’s Gadna

Ready for a character-building challenge that you can look back on with a sense of pride? Gadna is a “basic training” style experience organized by the legendary Israel Defense Forces for high school teens from abroad. Gadna offers a glimpse of this quintessential Israeli experience without being political or militaristic in nature. You'll learn new skills, new Hebrew words, and simulate what life is like on a real Israeli army base.

  • PRO TIP!  Gadna is taught by active-duty Israeli soldiers and takes place on an army base created especially for high school-age educational programs.
  • PARTNERThe Israel Defense Forces

Maccabi Sports 

Explore Israel through sports! Get active, get in motion, and join a unique Israel experience focused on athletics. You don’t have to be a serious athlete to enjoy this elective. You’ll play sports with Israeli teens from Maccabi Tzair, get trained in Israel's best facilities, be inspired by athletes’ stories, learn how sports can bring the Jewish People together. After these four days, you will feel better – stronger – higher!


Scuba & Watersports

Nothing says summer in Israel like good times at the beach, and on this elective, you'll do so much more than enjoying Israel's Mediterranean Coast. Learn from the masters and pick-up scuba diving, windsurfing, and stand up paddleboarding skills. You'll even have the opportunity to explore Israel's underwater archaeological treasures off the coast of Caesarea National Park.

  • PRO TIP! Did you know that Israel's only Olympic gold medal was won in windsurfing by Gal Fridman at the 2004 Athens Games?

A supplemental fee may apply for this elective TBA in March


An opportunity to pursue your passions with three elective sessions and long weekend touring adventures

3 Elective Sessions

Land Cost: $5,570

Flight Cost: ~$1,600 (more)

Combined Dates (24 Days)
July 7 - July 30, 2021

Our flagship Israel experience – travel across Israel from the Red Sea to the Golan Heights on this classic journey

1 Elective Session

Land Cost: $5,570

Flight Cost: ~$1,600 (more)

Combined Dates (26 Days)
July 5 – July 30, 2021


When do the Electives take place?
Each Electives session begins on Monday morning and ends on Thursday afternoon. If you are traveling on Israel Journey or Trek Israel, your Electives will happen either at the end of the program (more common) or within the middle of the program (less common). On Israel XPR, the three Elective sessions are scheduled throughout the program. The exact scheduling of the Electives will be released by May.

If the Electives take place at the end of my program, how will that work?
At the end of the Electives session, you’ll be reunited with your original group for a closing experience and dinner prior to traveling back to Ben Gurion Airport for return flights.

Who else will participate in my Elective(s)?
Electives bring together teens across all BBYO Passport programs who share your preferences.

Who staffs the Electives?
Electives are staffed by a combination of BBYO Passport-hired staff and local program professionals. For campus-based programs where there is no travel, a guard may not be present. Due to the nature of the Electives, most of them are not accompanied by a guide.

When will I be asked to choose my Elective(s)?
A survey will be sent out in March.

Will I be placed on the Elective(s) of my choice?
In principle, yes, however, not all Electives will be offered on each session and will be confirmed according to overall interest by May.

What is the supplemental fee associated with some Electives?
Due to the nature of certain Electives, a supplemental fee may apply (e.g. $200-$350) and will be announced no later than March when you will be asked to make your Elective(s) choices.


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