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Our Friends & Family updates are a fantastic way to keep your loved ones back home up-to-speed on your adventure. These email blog posts feature updates from staff and participants, plus links to the Facebook photos! You can also follow along on the journey through the BBYO Passport Blog.

During the trip, parents of participants automatically receive Friends & Family emails and important trip updates from abroad. Additional friends and family members can sign-up to receive these same updates by filling out this form below.


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Ambassadors to Argentina FF



Ambassadors to Bulgaria and ILSI FF



Ambassadors to Bulgaria FF



Stand UP Washington DC 2 FF



Stand UP Washington DC 1 FF



Stand UP South Africa FF



Stand UP Thailand FF



Stand UP Dominican Republic FF



Trek West USA 2 FF



Trek West USA 1 FF



Trek Pan America FF



United Kingdom and Ireland Discovery and Israel Journey FF



Trek Costa Rica FF



United Kingdom and Ireland Discovery FF



Spain Discovery FF



Euro-Continental Discovery FF



Mediterranean Discovery FF



Italy Discovery 2 FF



Italy Discovery 3 FF



Italy Discovery 1 FF



Israel Journey 1 and CBI FF






Israel Journey 5 FF



Trek Israel FF



Israel Journey 3 Plus FF



Israel Journey 4 and Central Europe Discovery FF



JCC Camp Kingswood FF



Israel Journey 4 FF



Trek Israel Plus FF



Israel Journey 2 FF



Camp JORi FF



Israel Journey 2 Plus FF



Israel Journey 4 and Italy Discovery FF



Central Europe Discovery FF


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