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With health and safety as our guiding priority, we hope that conditions will improve later in the summer, making it possible to offer some travel and campus-based programs. In the meantime, we’re making it easier for parents to plan for the future with real peace of mind.


10th grade jewish travelBased on current and projected health conditions, we have made the difficult decision to suspend all scheduled programming through July 15, 2020. If conditions permit, we hope to resume programming in late July and August within North America and potentially in Israel. Explore our updated destination guide and complete an interest form to assist with our planning.


Because we are living in a moment of current uncertainty, we have adjusted our policies to give families the flexibility and time they need:

  • Register and hold a spot for your teen without a deposit.
  • No payments will be due until 45 days prior to the program start date.
  • Travel details (including optional group flight costs) and travel insurance will be made available prior to the 45-day deadline.
  • We will determine if a program can proceed no later than 40 days prior to the program start date. If we determine that a program can not proceed, you will have the opportunity to switch programs or all program payments will be refunded in full.


Whether a program can proceed or not will be based on whether we feel confident that we can provide a safe and meaningful experience for your teen. From a safety perspective, the decision will be based on travel restrictions in place and guidance from CDC, WHO, local health authorities, our program partners, and BBYO’s task force of experts. From an experience perspective, this determination will be made based on our ability to provide the meaningful and joyous programming you expect. We are proud of our history, hosting teens on travel-based summer programs since 1956, and we are committed to living up to our reputation.

Let’s take the first step forward.

Explore the opportunities for a joyous and meaningful summer filled with outdoor adventures, fresh air and a chance for your teen to reconnect.


Aaron Robbin
Executive Director



Are BBYO Passport summer 2020 programs still taking place?
Yes, we are busily planning for summer 2020 and remain hopeful that our programs will take place as scheduled. We’re working hard to stay agile in adjusting our schedule, mix of programs and policies to respond to this moment.

Should I still register?
Yes. Although we are currently not requiring a deposit, we ask that you complete the registration process in order to hold your spot.

When will BBYO determine if a program must be canceled?
The determination will be made on a case-by-case basis according to the approach detailed above. Our intention is to make a final determination no later than 40 days prior to the program start date, however, we will strive to make the decision much earlier wherever possible.

What if conditions change within the 40 days?
Just like any other summer, if there arises a circumstance of any kind that prevents us from being able to confidently provide a safe and meaningful experience, we would (and we have in the past) made whatever changes are necessary.

Can I transfer my registration to another BBYO Passport program?
Yes, if there is space available, we are glad to offer maximum flexibility and honor any transfers between
programs up to 45 days in advance of the program start date.

How will optional group flights work?
Many of our programs offer an optional group flight. We will make those details available prior to the revised payment due date (45 days prior to arrival). These details include flight times, locations and costs, as well as options if you do not wish to use the group flight. We have posted estimated group flight costs on individual program pages, however, given current conditions, we are hopeful that actual flight costs will decrease. If your program does not have an optional group flight, we will provide you with travel details for the start and end of the program prior to the revised payment due date (45 days prior to arrival).

Is scholarship funding still available?
Yes, we continue to offer scholarship funding for Israel programs.

How does travel insurance work?
BBYO Passport always recommends purchasing a travel insurance policy to protect your investment and plan for the unexpected. However, we recognize that not every scenario related to public health concerns like the current one is covered. An optional group travel insurance policy will be made available when payment is due 45 days prior to arrival.

What if I am interested in a summer 2020 program but not ready to sign up?
The best way to ensure a teen has a guaranteed spot at the program of their choice is by completing a registration. We acknowledge the hesitancy to make concrete plans during this fluid time and that is why we have adjusted our policies and deadlines to ensure parents can have confidence when signing up. That said, if you are not ready to register, we have created an interest form and we will reach back out to families who fill it out to work with them to register later in the season.


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