Spain Discovery

  • Journey into the heart of Andalusian Spain, and explore the cities of Madrid, Seville, Toledo, Cordoba, Malaga and Granada. View the art of Picasso, climb the Rock of Gibraltar, wander Alhambra Palace and spend a memorable Shabbat on the Mediterranean coast. Come away with a deep appreciation for the multi-ethnic richness of Spain's Golden Age and its vibrant modern society.

    Spain Discovery is an 11-day cultural tour covering all the must-see highlights, but also the off-the-beaten-path treasures of Spain's Andalusia Region. You'll experience what it feels like to luxuriate in a traditional hammam (bath), get wowed at a Spanish Flamenco show and discover why many consider Spain to be the culinary capital of the world!

    As a Jewish experience, you'll learn about a unique moment in world history when Jews, Christians and Muslims coexisted harmoniously in what is affectionately called the Golden Age of Spain -- and how that moment ended tragically in the Spanish Inquisition. Our experience also includes a unique Shabbat on the Rock of Gibraltar – a special place where Jewish family identity is still defined by the Conversos legacy.

    Spain Discovery is a well-balanced combination of must-see touring, eye-opening Jewish experiences and a unique opportunity to forge friendships with fellow teens in culturally rich Spain. You'll come away with a deep appreciation for the multi-ethnic richness of Spain's Golden Age and its vibrant modern society.

    • Explore Cordoba, Granada, Malaga, Seville, Gibraltar, Toledo and Madrid
    • Wander the majestic Alhambra Palace and Generalife Gardens
    • Learn about Spain's rich Sephardic Jewish heritage and the story of the Inquisition
    • Hike in the snow-capped Sierra-Nevada Mountains and discover the mysterious "gypsy caves" of Sacramonte
    • Spend a memorable Shabbat on the Rock of Gibraltar
    • Enjoy an authentic flamenco show, sample delicious local cuisine and view the art of Picasso
    • Tour Seville's old bull-fighting ring and the Real Madrid's stadium in Madrid
    • Soak in the sun on Spain's Costa Del Sol

  • A sample itinerary is available for an even fuller sense of the experience.

    WEEK #1 | Granada, Cordoba & Gibraltar

    Arrive to Madrid and begin traveling south through Spain's beautiful Andalusia Region. Explore the Mezquita in Cordoba, the world famous Alhambra Palace in Granada, relax at the Costa Del Sol and scale the Rock of Gibraltar.

    WEEK #2 | Seville, Toledo & Madrid

    Experience a unique Shabbat in Gibraltar (part of the UK), then continue on to the stunning city of Seville. Return northwards to explore ancient Toledo and then conclude in trendy and art-filled city of Madrid, Spain's modern capital.

  • Is Spain Discovery right for my teen?
    This experience is perfect for any Jewish teen in 9th-12th grade with a desire to explore and learn about the intriguing history of Jewish life throughout Spain. Spain Discovery provides an opportunity to experience all that Spain has to offer with Jewish peers from all over North America. 

    Where will my teen stay in Spain?
    On this trip we will stay at a variety of 3-star hotels. You will receive the hotel names with the finalized trip itinerary. 

    What kind of food will my teen be eating in Spain?
    Meals will be either kosher or vegetarian. Some meals will be provided according to the “pizur” system – an allowance for purchasing your own meal at a local eatery. Participants can buy whatever food they wish with pizur funds. All meals on Shabbat in Europe are kosher. Participants with special dietary situations (i.e. lactose intolerance, vegetarian, etc.) should contact us in advance to make proper arrangements for the flight and during the program. While most food is of Spanish influence, Spain draws travelers from all over the world, so there is a wide range of cuisine available.

    How do you handle safety and security in Spain?
    As an organization that has been serving teens for over 85 years, and teen travel programs since 1956, our philosophy is to treat each and every BBYO Passport participant as a member of our own family. Safety and security considerations always come first. This means that we plan our itineraries to avoid areas of concern, limit opportunities for free time, generally use accommodations outside of city centers, and in certain countries we travel with a security/medical escort.

    What is the weather like in Spain?
    The weather throughout Spain is a typical Mediterranean climate – dry heat, cool evenings, and little to no rain. Temperatures will typically be in the 80’s and 90’s. Because of the dry nature of the heat in the Mediterranean, the sun is deceptively strong, and you should plan to bring plenty of sunscreen and a good hat for outdoor touring.

    For more information, check out our general FAQs.

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