Jewish travel for teens
Jewish travel for teens
Jewish travel for teens

In Their Words

Discover the impact of March of the Living with BBYO Passport.

Family tour of Israel
I was able to really appreciate what Israel has to offer, the knowledge that our tour guide and our staff had to share, and why this Homeland is so important. - Marlena P, Cherry Hill, NJ
Family travel to Israel
Going from Poland, a place to grieve and to remember, and then to Israel, experiencing their Memorial Day, was an incredibly powerful way to experience my religion, to honor death and truly celebrate life. - Lea Davis, Portland, OR
Family vacation in Israel
My BBYO Passport trip has been so impactful - the friends I've made, the people I've met - every step I took was a new memory forming on this two-week journey.Evan S, Dallas, Texas
Family Israel experiences
I now feel that I am the ambassador of my family history; it is my responsibility to discover the story of my family during the Holocaust.- Ariel Stern, Chicago, IL
March of the Living
I feel that it is every Jewish person's responsibility to join together and bear witness, sending the world a message that all atrocities and injustices are inhumane and not acceptable. - Jake W, East Meadow, NY
March of the Living for Teens
While we always hear the number "6 million," the March of the Living made me understand that this 6 million was individual people, not merely a statistic. - Noa S, Germantown, TN
Poland and Israel for Teens
Traveling with a Survivor on the MOTL allowed me to take in the experience and process my emotions to the fullest extent. - Noah W, Harrisburg, PA
Summer in Israel for teens
It was important for me to travel to Israel because it is the home of the Jewish people. I made lots of new friends – it was great getting to know teens from all over the country!- Bella T, Raleigh, NC